Featured Release / Aquamarine (+ Mr Fingers Mix) / Sebo K [Tsuba083A]


Our relationship with Sebo K dates back to 2011 with his stunning remix of Nina Kraviz as part of our Fifth birthday celebrations, so we’re excited to welcome him to Tsuba with his first post Mobilee artist re... More →

Featured Release / Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride Remixes / Craig Bratley [TSUBA080]


Following the Ewan Pearson Record Store Day mixes we present further high quality remixes of Craig Bratley’s debut album from Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold and Midnight Special. Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold remix &... More →

Featured Release / Aquamarine (Mr Fingers Dubs) / Sebo K [Tsuba083B]


Three Mr Fingers Dubs from Larry Heard. Enough said! Francois K ‘Beautiful Mr Fingers mixes, can’t wait to play the acid dub.’Steve Bug ‘Can there be a better package?’Mr G ‘Mr Fingers all day long, my h... More →

Featured Release / Glitter Juice EP / Midnight Special [MISP002]


Midnight Special (Tsuba Boss Kevin Griffiths & Ex-Peace Division man Justin Drake) ride again with their second release, the 'Glitter Juice' EP, comprising 3 raw house tracks for the discerning DJ. ... More →

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News / Rio Padice - The Complete Luchador


This collection brings together two classic Rio Padice EPs that were originally released on Tsuba Limited in 2010 and 2011. All the tracks were lovingly crafted purely on analogue hardware and show a producer at one with... More →

Podcast - Free Download / Kevin Griffiths Mix March 2015

Plus Kevin Griffiths Mix March 2015 Image

A selection of my current favourite records, some oldies and some newies, including a couple of forthcoming Tsuba tracks in the shape of Sebo K and the Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Mix of Craig Bratley. Without tryi... More →

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  • RT @spencer_parker: @TsubaRecords loooooove it !!! remember playing it in berghain - sounded immense !!
  • @spencer_parker Hope all is well with you chief! I seem to remember you liking this one https://t.co/FmxqE4SWj0
  • @lphnyc I would say that's super cool!!
  • @lphnyc I see your Rio Padice video and raise you this one! :-) https://t.co/FmxqE4SWj0
  • RT @lphnyc: Some hot new Rio Padice off his Tsuba Records LP! 🍔🍔🍔 @TsubaRecords https://t.co/L16wD0p7jB
  • RT @whatpeopleplay: Recommended: Rio Padice - The Complete Luchador - Tsuba Records (@TsubaRecords) https://t.co/GIEA2o8nRp
  • New chart for @beatport from the bossman @Kev_Griffiths https://t.co/oDhT23HEoF
  • RT @djmegatech: Dope release. Well done @TsubaRecords and Sebo K. https://t.co/mzDPHapphu
  • Sebo K 'Aquamarine' (Mr Fingers Acid Dub) Full Music Video https://t.co/iLKsP9MZSh via @YouTube
  • Sebo K 'Reach Out' Full Music Video (Tsuba) https://t.co/C4lgfR36u6 via @YouTube